"You can never get all the facts from just one newspaper, and unless you have all the facts, you cannot make proper judgments about what is going on."
- Harry S. Truman
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Thursday February 06th, 2003, 01:38am
Last Updated: Jan. 23rd, 2003


Water Polo Makes Splash
Men in Speedos could never be more masculine. MJC has its very own Water Polo team, and it’s not fooling around. The team smashed out a 10-5 win over Solano College to continue their quest to make the playoffs. More...




West campus water woes
Walking towards the entrance of the West Campus it’s hard to miss the large signs warning students in large print not to drink the water or use it for hand sanitations. Drinking fountains are also shut off and bottles of hand sanitizer are found in most bathrooms. A water test on Oct. 7 indicated a possible unhealthful contamination of the water, thus sparking the shutdown of the water on the MJC West Campus. Read More...

Witches call for end to religious intolerance
Many witches at MJC feel there is an intolerant atmosphere at the college regarding their religion, which forces them to remain hidden in the broom closet. More...


East meets West Student volunteers earn money
For people of Asian descent, it is a struggle to be recognized in America. Yolk magazine offers a voice of recognition for Asians, even if it began as only a whisper. More... In return for volunteering in Americorps, students are issued an educational-based monetary reward. But don’t assume this is an easy way to earn free money for school. More...
Proposition Rundown Green brightens colorless ballot
It's hard to know what to vote for Nov. 5 if you don't even know what's on the ballot. Read the Pirates' Log's proposition rundown and find out. If you are interested in learning a workout for your lady parts there are many resources available online. More... In a race for governor that is about as bland as it gets, a colorful candidate is upturning the poll tables. More...
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